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7 Crazy Things Women Do to Spice Up Their Nether Regions

Avatar photo 10 years ago 6 minute read

Tattoos, body piercings, nail art and implants – these are only some of the many ways you can improve your appearance. While these procedures are already culturally acceptable, did you know that there is something you can do with your area down there, too? And believe it or not, these options are slowly making raves and are considered by many to spice up their sex life.

As crazy as it may sound, here are seven bizarre things that people do to dress up their genitals:

1. Vajazzling.

Swarovski crystalsBedazzling your vagina was once a part of a high-end spa treatment. After waxing you, the practitioner finishes the job by attaching Swarovski crystals in cute or decorative patterns and different colors.

The famous actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, turns out to be a vajazzling aficionado, helped promote the idea of dazzling up your genitalia with gemstones.

The Downside

Amazon or other online storesAdding some colored rhinestones on your vaginal area is appealing. Still, keep in mind that these are sharp and pointy objects that might end up in an uncomfortable place. Ouch.

If you are on tight budget but really love crystals, you can opt for vajazzling kits, which are available in Amazon or other online stores. Do take extra precaution. Still, it’s much better if you don’t buy one, since vajazzling is best done by a professional. Sadly, it’s really designed for the rich, not for the masses.

2. Pubic Hair Dyes.

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Hair is a person’s crowning glory. The good news is there are hair dyes you can use to match your mood or personality. And by hair dyes, this means including your pubic hair.

Yes, you read that right. Betty Beauty pubic hair dyes are available to give your pubic hair a personality of its own.

If you are the type of person who is not comfortable with shaving or waxing the hair down there, then you can try out these hair dyes that come in different colors for added punk. And now the bad news, as you age, your head isn’t the only place that goes gray. If you want the curtains to match the carpet, pubic hair dye is your secret friend.

The Downside

Dyeing your hairDyeing your hair is already a challenge that comes with unpredictable results, and even more so when you color your pubes. Keep in mind that the hair down there is way more sensitive than your scalp. Unless you have a high tolerance for pain and you really love to color it in neon blue or green, skip pubic hair dyes.

3. Cameltoe Hiding Apparatus.

wearing bathing suitsWhile men are more interested with boasting how big they are down there, women are more into hiding the cameltoe, especially when wearing bathing suits. Introducing Cuchini, a device for ladies that is designed to cover the ridges of mons pubis area.

Cuchini provides a smooth and camouflaged appearance. In other words, it is a pillow that you stick on your bikini bottom, as if you’re embarrassed for owning a vagina.

The Downside

dipping in the waterThe Cuchini uses an adhesive so it will stay in place even if you’ll go dipping in the water. However, either the adhesive will be so strong that it might irritate your lady parts, or the device will slip all over the place, giving you a camel foot, head or face – not pretty. Whatever it is, you’ll never going to want this crazy mixed up thing on your thing.

4. Vatooing.

airbrushNo, it’s not tattoo in the vagina as the name suggests. Vatooing is actually a process where a picture or wording of your choice will be painted on your lady area using an airbrush.

Unlike tattoos, the art exhibition down there will only last for a week. This is a fun thing for new brides to do or for that special anniversary.

The Downside

can last for seven daysVatooing can last for seven days, as long as there is no friction involved. If you want the airbrushed artwork last for a week, then don’t wear any clothes or have sex, since it may cause friction. And this can be problematic for you, especially when you have difficulty controlling the urge to screw.

5. Genital Bleaching.

colorYou probably know that thanks to the advancement in cosmetic procedures, you can actually bleach your skin and make it whiter or darker. Believe it or not, the genital area is included.

So, if you are not satisfied with the color of your private parts, then there’s good news for you. You can actually change the skin color and make it pink – or another shade, depending on your or your partner’s choice.

The Downside

rashesIt’s seriously going to hurt and you won’t like it. Although there’s nothing wrong with bringing the pink back in your genitals, the bleach contains harsh ingredients, such as hydroquinone and kojic acid, which can be too much for your pubes to handle. This can also result in itchiness, rashes and, hold on to your seats: kidney, liver, gastrointestinal problems and even cancer. This is so not worth it.

6. The Girl Garden.

thousands of dollarsMany women have paid thousands of dollars to remove their pubic hair, for example, using laser hair removal, only to learn that the trend is to have a little hair down there. No longer can we say, “bald is beautiful,” so what’s a girl to do? Hair restoration specialists have started to offer hair transplantation for your nether region.

If you are certain the hairy fad will fade, fear no more – the owner of Completely Bare, a luxury spa in New York City, has introduced faux fur or feather toupees for our girly parts.

The creator, Cindy Barstop, who also created the vajazzling craze, calls them a “merkin.” For around $200, you can attach one using an all-natural adhesive, and it will stay on for at least three days.

The Downside

decided for themselvesHair today, gone tomorrow – this fuzz or not fuzz fad concerning our girly parts is making us slaves to genital fashion. Are you prepared to pay to keep your vagina in vogue? It’s high time women everywhere embraced their individuality and decided for themselves which they like better, hair or hairless, wicked and wild or well-groomed, not the fashion industry. Get them out of your pants.

7. Vaginal Implants, Oh My!

Vaginal ImplantsThis takes piercing to a whole new level. Thanks to Cherie Corse, the co-creator of g2organics, women can enhance their vaginas with gemstones.

They go under the skin to give the vagina a whole new feel. Some women are even choosing crystals to give their neither region a little energy boost.

The Downside

gemstonesAdmit it, this sounds painful. Imagine sharp, pointy gemstones under your vaginal skin. Even if you don’t have one, it hurts to think about it. If you don’t like painful intercourse, give this one another think-through. If you need more energy, vitamins or a cup of tea is the way to go, not crystals poking you in your vagina.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your appearance. However, if it involves your sexy parts, it might cause serious issues. Remember, your genital area is a sensitive place. So if your partner requires and demands you to use any of these bizarre things, end your relationship. It’s probably not going to work out anyway, and you’ll still have your genitals.