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12 Steps to Superb Sex After Menopause

Avatar photo 9 years ago 3 minute read

We all know that aging is inevitable. This means whatever you do and no matter how many times you subject yourself to anti-aging treatments, you will still hit that 4-0 mark and beyond, experiencing the wrath of old age. That includes the dreaded menopause phase, too.

Menopause is a natural biological process characterized by the cessation of menstruation. It usually starts during your 40’s to 50’s and could last up to a maximum of 10 years. Symptoms include hot flashes, missed or irregular periods, irritability, weight gain and depression. Aside from these symptoms, there is one thing you have to deal with as you enter this phase –a serious lack of sex drive.

weight gainMore women complain about dry spells and the lack of drive to do the deed once the menstrual periods stop. Blame it on imbalanced hormones, low confidence levels or the effects of aging.

However, one thing is for sure, there is somethings you can do to get you back in the driver’s seat of your sex drive.

Here are dozen simple things you could do to restore your sex life as if you’re still 20 years old:

1. Invest In A Good Lubricant

One of the things you will experience during menopause is vaginal dryness. In fact, it is common among all women in this phase. Apparently, drinking too much water is not enough to make you wet down there. In that case, a good lubricant is a must.

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Keep this in mind: lubrication is important to have a healthy and comfortable sex life. Therefore, a lubricant on hand could make sex less painful and uncomfortable. You could choose from water-based to oil-based and even silicone-based lubricants that come in variety of flavors and scents. Try different brands to see what works best for you.

2. Have Sex More Often

difficult to have sexThere is a reason why repetition is recommended for children who are learning something new.

The more you say something to them in a repetitive manner, the more they will remember and the better the recall. The same concept goes with sex. You might say it is difficult to have sex when you don’t feel like doing it. Have you heard of the old “Use it or lose it” theory?

It is associated with men’s penis, but it could also be applicable to your area down south. The more you have sex, even if there is no penetration in every session, the easier for you to be in the mood and get that big O you once used to miss. Remember: sex begets more sex. Now go ahead and schedule that steamy session.

3. Start Early

Intimacy plays an important role after menopause. In fact, your need for intimacy may increase, which could help you during the buildup process. It’s not enough that you plan Friday night as sex night without doing anything prior to seven in the evening.

start earlyHence, foreplay should start early. Start your morning with gentle, sweet kisses or taking a shower together. During the day, send each other naughty messages to keep you excited.

Lots of holding hands and gentle pats on the butt could fuel you both and heighten your desire for the night that’s about to come.

4. Don’t Forget To Exercise

Exercise helps you lose weight, tone your body and keep you healthy. But, did you know that doing physical activities on a regular basis could also lead to better sex after menopause? Regular exercise works out your heart, which means it could pump blood in important areas, including the area down there. This increases sensitivity and gets you in the mood easier.

That’s not all. Your desire in bed could also be dictated by your overall health. This follows that the healthier you are, the better your sexual functions will be.

5. Have Some Alone Time

Have Some Alone TimeWhen was the last time you touched yourself? You may feel awkward about the idea of self-stimulation at 40, 50 or beyond. However, having an alone time in the bedroom could help keep your sexual response intact.

Self-stimulation helps increase blood flow to the genital area. Once there is ample supply, it is easier for you to get aroused and sensitive down there. At the same time, it allows you to focus on yourself and your sexual desires and fantasies.

6. It’s Okay To Use Sex Toys

Not everyone is open to the idea of using sex toys in bed. If you are one of them, then perhaps it is time to reconsider your options. Using sex toys is one way to add pleasure in bed. It is a perfect tool during foreplay and keeps everything inside the bedroom functioning at an optimal level. It could also help you reach orgasm easier with minimum effort.

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