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12 Things Your Vagina Doesn’t Want You to Do

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Sometimes you think that your vajayjay is all good and happy. Sometimes you take it for granted because you know it’s not going anywhere. Sometimes you do things to it that you think are safe and acceptable that are actually not. Sometimes it gives up.

Your vagina is just as sensitive as your emotions, and sometimes even more. That means you have to take good care of it, understand its needs and pay extra attention because if it goes, your physical pleasure and everything it entails leaves, too. That’s right, we’re talking about a full non-functional vagina. As ridiculously scary as that sounds, because why would a vagina not function, it is actually very much possible.

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As you already know, your vagina is a sensitive organ. There are things that it likes and dislikes that would make it work well or not. Thankfully, the needs of your vagina do not differ much, despite their variety. Here are 12 things your vagina does not want you to do:

1. Using Too Much Soap

Using Too Much SoapThe pH level of certain chemicals have different effects on each body part. Take for example, body soap.

The reason why it is called a body soap is because it is made to be a soap used for the body.

Hand soaps, shampoos, even laundry soap – they all differ in the chemical content, but they all can cause irritation and dryness to the delicate areas of the body, like the vagina. That means a feminine wash has lesser chemicals and the pH level is just right for the vaginal skin. This is why it is the recommended cleaning agent to use on your vajayjay. Soap is just too chemical-permeated, and you would not want that near your sensitive parts.

2. Not Changing Your Panty Liner All Day

Changing Your Panty LinerHere’s the truth: we use panty liners because it is less messy and it is supposed to keep your vajayjay fresh all day.

The thing is that panty liners trap the secretion from your vagina – which is a form of body waste – mixes it up with whatever chemical there is in the panty liner that keeps you fresh and it keeps it there until you change or take the liner off.

Now imagine having that waste and foreign chemicals stuck to your vagina’s face the whole day. If you were your vagina, it would not please you, too. This is why it is advised to change your panty liner at least twice during the day.

3. Lathering With Too Many Chemicals

First of all, we’ve established that your vagina is sensitive. That means if there is anything foreign applied to it that you are not used to, it will definitely react. Sometimes the reaction is not pretty, but there are many products in the market that have different marketing strategies with promises to keep your vajayjay fresh and smelling good if you apply these products to it every day.

Lathering With Too Many ChemicalsHere’s a tip: don’t fall for the hype. Do you really want to know how to keep your vagina fresh all day? Keep it clean.

Water is your best option. Avoid lathering down there with too many chemicals, because your vagina simply does not like it.

4. Wearing Rough Underwear

Imagine this: if you wore a rough mask on your face all day, what do you think would the end of your day be like? One thing is for sure, you won’t be all chirpy and bubbly. It’s the same thing for you girlfriend down there. Rough underwear or clothes can make the vagina feel uncomfortable, which in turn would also make you feel uncomfortable.

Rough or itchy underwear are only good if you want to give a little show to your special someone. Other than that, the best and most comfortable types of bloomers are the ones made of pure cotton. Don’t torture your vajayjay with rough undies.

5. Not Freshening Up All Day

clean up with waterWhen it comes to freshness, your vagina will mark the first of the line. It wants to stray fresh all day.It rejoices when it feels water. Other than that, it becomes stinky and unpleasant.

This is why there are feminine wipes sold just about everywhere. The makers understood your vajayjay’s need to feel fresh at all times.

It is advisable clean up with water or feminine wipes in the middle of the day, so your vagina can remain fresh and happy. This is especially important when the weather is hot or you’ve been working out.

6. Pouring Chocolate Or Whipped Cream On It

We’re all for kinky sex and being adventurous and adding props to your sexy time with your partner. But here’s the truth: your vagina is not exactly thrilled with all the food you shove on there.Your vagina wants one thing and one thing alone: your partner’s good friend down there.

Okay, you may do it once in a while. Your vagina may even like it from time to time, but if you do it on a regular basis, it might just start hating you in the form or a rash or itchiness. Be sure to wash any food off as soon as you can to avoid irritation.

7. Inserting Foreign Objects In It

sex toyDildos and sex toys, she can handle. Other than that, she will start to protest.

Why on earth would you insert a banana or your whole fist in her? Sure, she can stretch like a professional gymnast but that does not mean you insert anything that she can accommodate.

For one, pointed objects may tear through the skin. She could also absorb some bad chemicals that can start a disease and there could be bacteria and germs there too.

8. Getting A Tattoo On It

If you have a tattoo, you understand the burning pain of getting one, not to mention the days of healing afterwards, when your skin starts to peel off like a weird snake. Here’s something that your vagina wants you to know before you go through the tattooing procedure that you are planning: put that tattoo anywhere else on your skin except on me.

For one, your vagina does not need the pain. Second, it likes to be pretty naturally. If you want to have a tattoo, place it somewhere else.

9. Riding A Pad-Less Bike

Riding A Pad-Less BikeA pad-less bike is just plain uncomfortable. Even with the right gears, your vagina will be in direct contact with metal or steel where there is supposed to be a soft cover.

Also, a pad-less bike will increase the friction between your legs and can lead to blisters and even torn skin.

While riding a bike can be good for your overall health, not riding it properly can entail some bad things for your friend down there. Make sure the bicycle seat is padded before getting on it.

10. Having Sex While Your Vagina Is Dry

This is why foreplay is important, so that you can be ready before you get to the main event comfortably. Your vagina will not like it if it is dry and you insert something in there anyway. It will protest, and you will feel the pain. Do not have sex if your vagina is dry.

11. Changing Sex Partners Regularly

Changing Sex Partners RegularlyStudies show that women who change sex partners frequently are more likely to get a human papilloma virus.

This can begin as a sexually transmitted disease, and even lead to cervical cancer, as opposed to women who stick with one partner. Changing partners can also give you other forms of sexually transmitted disease that can stay in your body for life.

Are you really willing to take that risk? Stay faithful ladies. Although it’s nice to try other dishes and sleep around, it is not exactly good for your girlfriend down there.

12. Not Going To Your Doctor

Your vagina should also have an annual physical checkup. Just like your overall physique, your vagina should get equal medical attention and have a regular examinations to make sure that all gears are still running and it is well oiled up. This is also so that you can make sure that there are no unknown masses or tumors growing inside it.

Going To Your DoctorIf you are sexually active, you should visit your doctor at least twice every year to have a regular checkup. If you are not sexually active, you should visit your doctor at least once every year.

Some vaginas are extra sensitive. Some vaginas are flexible. Yes, the pun was very much intended, but the fact remains that if you take care of your girlfriend down there and treat it like a princess, it is going to be with you for keeps.

If you, however, do not know what makes your vagina tick, it might just give you the cold shoulder. Considering that it is your pleasure partner, this is something you do not want to happen, so take care of your girly parts.