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10 Ways To Tell She’s Faking It

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Men want to be sure that their female partners are getting the same ecstasy that they experience from sex.

Reaching orgasm is the final stage of sex wherein both men and women can feel great pleasure and satisfaction. But due to lack of stimulation from the intercourse, girls may encounter issues from reaching the orgasmic state. In order to not worry their partner, they sometimes try to fake it like a pro.

Here are the signs which can tell whether you are doing a great job, or she wants you to be free from worries. If you recognize that she may be faking it, open a dialogue with her to figure out why. Work together to create a fulfilling sex life for you both.

Vaginal Spasms

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The number one thing that she can’t fake is the natural reaction of their vagina.

During orgasm, you may feel three to ten cervical and vaginal spasms.

The strongest pulse happens at the beginning and it is very easy for you to sense. It will grip your penis tightly and this can add to your sexual stimulation immensely.


Photo by Minghong / CC BY-SA

The intense feeling that a woman can get from orgasm often makes her break out in a sweat.

Remember that women don’t perspire as much as men and this is something that is very hard to fake.

Once you can see that she’s getting wet because of sweat, you can take it as a good sign that she is getting there.


SilenceIt is true that sex can drain all of your energy. Apart from that, it also generates feel-good and calming hormones, which can knock you off to sleep.

There is one noticeable kind of silence which can reveal whether she reached orgasm while having sex.

If she went silent all of a sudden and it appeared like she’s in deep thought, it can be a sign of frustration, as orgasm failed to show up and side her on the recent intercourse.

Sudden Shouts And Writhing

Sudden ShoutsThere are some women who can’t act. You can tell that their shouts and writhing are obviously fake.

If you are not initiating your special sexual techniques just yet and she starts to act wild, be doubtful about it. This may mean that she has already made a move before you do.

She’s Not Happy When You Stopped

Not HappyAnother sign of a girl who is about to reach her peak is that she doesn’t want you to ruin her focus or stop the penetration. If there is no orgasm in process, you won’t get hurt if you stopped.

But if you stopped when there was an orgasm going on, there might be an unhappy reaction. Try not to stop in the middle of her sexual climax. Whisper in her ear to find out if she wants you to keep going or not.

Quick Moves After Sex

intimate talkA woman who just had an orgasm will stay in bed unless she needs to pee or do something that is really important.

If her actions are quick and look normal, it means that no orgasm had happened, especially if she rushes out from under the sheets without saying anything. It’s time for an intimate talk.

Watch for Her Hints

be alertIf she started to talk about orgasm, especially if it involves other people who are expert in making women go crazy with sex, be alert.

She may be giving out clues to you. You can also take this as a clue as to what moves should you make next. Try to get her to tell you what she likes while having a casual conversation. It will pay off bigtime in the bedroom.

Increased Breathing And Heartbeat

heartbeatAnother thing that girls cannot fake is their breathing and heartbeat. A woman who is experiencing orgasm will have noticeable changes in breathing while having sex.

If you position your ears next to their chest, you may also sense the rapid increase of her heartbeat.

Dilating Pupils

eyesPleasure can be seen through the eyes. Dilating pupils while having sex indicates that an explosion of great feeling and contentment is about to come.

Check out her facial expression and the movement of her eyes.

Hiding Clitoral Head

A way to see if you are doing well is by turning the lights on and seeing the position of her clitoris.

If it disappeared, it must mean that she was about to reach her orgasm. If the clitoral head started to retract, it only means that she is about to let it go.

solve problemsTo solve problems when it comes to achieving orgasm, it is crucial for both parties to discuss and come up with things that they should do, particularly when they are having sex.

If talking won’t work, It is advisable to see a sex expert to get some assistance. You both deserve to reach satisfaction in the bedroom, and talking about it is the best way to learn from each other.