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Sex Medicine for Women: 3 Effective Low Libido Alternatives

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Did you know that there are 24 FDA-approved treatments for male sexual dysfunction in the United States? Apparently, the number is still zero for women.

That’s right ladies, there is still no FDA-approved sex medicine for women drug to solve your libido issues up to this date.

Jdollarsennifer Foust, a sex therapist in Florida, reports the medical community has focused too much on men and their sexual needs that they fail to address the women’s needs too.

The good news is there are a few companies who spend thousands of dollars to come up with female sex medicine to address your low libido problems.

Read on to find out what the medical society has come up in terms of boosting your sex drive.

Flibanserin: Is It the Sex Medicine for Women?

Medicine for Women
Photo by Day Donaldson / CC BY

Flibanserin was first developed by German pharmaceutical giant, Boehringer Ingelheim. It is the first prescription drug that aims to treat low sex drive in women.They created this drug to be an antidepressant, but it had an unexpected side effect: boosting your sex drive.

After seeing the effect, the manufacturer altered the drug and carried out studies to address your problems down there.Flibanserin was called the “Female Viagra” because of its promising results.

This non-hormonal drug focuses on key neurotransmitters on your brain that affect your sexual desire.

It also corrects imbalances of these neurotransmitters by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine that are both in charge for sexual excitement, and decreasing serotonin, which slows down your desire for sex.

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However, FDA denied the Boehringer’s drug application in 2010 and recommended further research.Then Sprout Pharmaceuticals took over in 2011 and resubmitted their application in 2013, backed up by 14 new clinical studies with more than 3,000 new patients.

Unfortunately, the FDA did not approve the drug. Sprout Pharma submitted an appeal through the Formal Dispute Resolution process, which the FDA received on December 3, 2013.

Based on a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Flibanserin users showed an increase in their libido. Apparently, up to now, the FDA has not approved Flibanserin.

What About Intrinsa?

Did you know that FDA approved a product that can treat low sex drive in women? In 2004, FDA approved a testosterone patch called Intrinsa that garnered a “Viagra for Her” label.


It has testosterone as its active ingredient that can help boost your testosterone levels for better sex drive.

Patients must use Intrinsa patches twice a week on a continuous basis. Once applied, the testosterone gets absorbed into the skin and goes into the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, FDA saw problems that affected the drug’s effectiveness and safety. As a result, Procter & Gamble, Intrinsa’s manufacturer, pulled out its application.

What Are The Other Treatments For Low Sex Drive Among Women?

Other female sex medicines are slowly making waves in the market and hoping to get an approval from the FDA. These are:

  • Lybrido – This is one of the drugs, which shows promising results.
    A Dutch firm, Emotional Brain, produces it, and uses both testosterone and a Viagra-like drug in a mint coating that targets the brain and body.
    When taken, Lybrido can help increase your desire for sex and make it more satisfying.

effectiveness of the pillThey conducted a trial with more than 200 women to test the effectiveness of the pill.

They have not yet released the full results, but according to the company’s website, they are “very, very promising.” Lybrido still needs to carry out larger trial and hopes to put it in the US and Europe market by 2016.

  • Bremelanotide – Developed by Palatin Technologies, this drug is for treating female sexual dysfunction.
    Apparently, Bremelanotide has not yet completed three trials, which they need to do before FDA approval.
    This drug is still in the Phase 2B trial and so far, users have seen an increase in sexual desire and arousal.

Why is There No Female Viagra?

Photo by Jacob Bøtter / CC BY

Why is there is still no sexual medicine for women, despite the advancement in medicine and the increasing knowledge of people? Because your sex drive, as well as every other woman’s on this planet is much more complicated than that of men. Men are turned on by simply looking at a picture of a naked woman.

That does not work for you. Many factors influence your desire for sex, and not all are medically related. Relationship issues, personality and even lifestyle factors can affect your mood in bed. Even breastfeeding, post-pregnancy, menopause and stress are some of the factors that affect your sex drive.

What Can You Do?

  • Feed Not Just Your Sexual Relationship, But Also Your Overall Relationship.
    Spend your time together as a couple and exert efforts to bring back the spark both in the bedroom and your life.
  • relaxUnderstand The Causes Of Your Low Libido, And Then Do Something About It.
    If you feel stressed out, then take time to relax to get rid of it.
    If you have issues with your partner, talk to him about it.
    Paying attention to those little factors can help a lot in getting your groove back in bed.
  • Take Supplements, Such As Provestra. Provestra is a female libido pill that is proven to increase your desire for sex.
    At the same time, it increases your vaginal lubrication, speeds up your body arousal and adds pleasurable orgasms in every session.
    Further, Provestra restores your body’s natural balance, so you can experience reduction in hot flashes, regular menstrual periods, and more energy in bed, among others.

Sex medicine for women has yet to come. There are still a lot of options you can do to solve your lack of sex drive. The important thing is to understand your body, what causes your lack of sex drive and get your partner involved with your issues in bed. You will be surprised with the changes in your libido even if no female sex medicine is still available for you.