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Libido Definition and 9 Sex Drive Killers to Know About

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Libido, libido, libido. Are you curious about this mysterious word? You may have been hearing it around from friends, co-workers and even family members, but you are too embarrassed to ask what it really is exactly.

It no surprise how millions of individuals on the planet have heard about this word, but have never really understood what it is or how important it is.

sexThis is your chance to find out about the libido definition.

So yes, libido does have something to do with sex. If the word “sex” is hard to get around, you should get comfortable with it, because throughout this entire article you will hear more of both words, because they relate to one another. No doubt, you must have many questions about libido.

Let us focus on a women’s libido for this article, so that you could further understand how it works in females. This will really help you understand it, especially if you are a woman. Now you do not have to be naïve to what libido is, because you will get the rundown of all the essential facts regarding this topic.

What is The Libido Definition?

desire to have sexLibido actually refers to a person’s overall sexual drive or desire to have sex. See, now you understand why we use the word “sex” frequently in this content.


Sex drive is determined by several factors, which are biological, psychological and even social factors. Here are further elaborations on each factor mentioned:

  • Biological – This refers to the hormone levels of each person
  • Psychological – This is the factor that ties in with people’s personality and their stress levels
  • Social – This consists with interpersonal relationships with others such as family, friends and work

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Your sex drive could be affected greatly by a number of factors, which you will learn more about in the next portion of the article. When the libido is affected in a negative way, there could be problems that arise.

Libido is very much important especially when a person is in a relationship with another person because sex is very much natural to happen. This definition is certainly much better than the other definitions of “libido,” that are too medical to grasp.

What is The Importance of Libido For Women?

Since men are more sexual at times, you still have to realize that a women’s libido is also crucial, because women also enjoy sex. When a woman starts experiencing lack of sex drive, it could be a very frustrating situation, especially if they are in a relationship, and even worse if they are married.

enjoy sex
Photo by Jacob Appelbaum / CC BY-SA

Women who lack libido may go through problems with their significant other, which could lead to break-ups, problems within the relationship and even divorce in more severe cases.

Now that is the very reason why libido, even in women, is essential to make a relationship work out and stay healthy.

The 9 Common Libido Killers For Women

There are loads of factors affecting a woman’s sex drive. Some aspects may be obvious, while the others are a bit harder to detect. Whether you are a man or a woman reading this article, this list will surely help you understand more about women’s sex drives. Here is a list of the most common libido killers for women:

  • StressConfidence This is a psychological hindrance for women when it comes to a healthy sex life.
    A women who has a negative self-image of themselves such as weight issues, could really kill the libido.
    If a woman is not comfortable in their own skin, then they may find it hard to engage in healthy sexual encounters with their significant other.
  • Stress When people feel stressed, it also tends to affect libido. Excessively stressing may even cause other psychological problems besides lack of sexual drive.
  • Anxiety If you are anxious about sexual experiences then it could play a major role in killing your sex drive.
    Some women feel this because of past sexual encounters such as going through child abuse, rape and other fears sexually.
  • Lack of Exercise Exercise really does the body good in countless ways.
    Women who exercise regularly have a much higher desire for sex.
    Besides that, their menstrual periods are less painful and they do not have to experience too much irritability and moodiness during PMS days.
  • Poor Nutritional Diet Diet plays an essential role in boosting female’s libido. Eating at fast-food joints and processed foods could lead to a decreased level of libido in the body.
  • smokeDangerous Habits Women who excessively smoke, take recreational drugs (ecstasy, marijuana, amphetamines and opiates) and drink alcohol frequently could also feel a reduced sex drive. The reason for that is that those vices have toxins that are not good for your body.
  • Birth Control Methods If you are taking OCP or oral contraceptive pills and/or having injections to prevent pregnancy, then you are at risk for having a decreased sexual drive.
    Although it can also be an aphrodisiac for women since they do not have to worry too much about getting pregnant, it could still take a toll on their libido.
    Since hormone levels are affected, it could somehow decrease the desire that a woman has for sex.
  • Medications Some prescription medications include lowering a woman’s sex drive as a side effect. Such drugs like anti-depressants, blood pressure drugs, sedatives, anti-psychotic, anti-seizure, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer could affect a person’s libido.
  • SurgeryMedical Conditions Conditions with the thyroid and adrenal gland could also greatly affect a woman’s libido. Surgery for women, such as a hysterectomy could also play a negative role in a female’s libido.

Now that you have a better idea what libido is, you can feel proud since you now understand it much better.

You do not have to look like a deer in headlights when others bring it up in a conversation. This basic but essential information about libido for women is your guide to understanding what it is, and how it affects women all throughout the world.