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Sexual Biology: The Female Prostate and Getting to Her G Spot

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The Skene’s gland, also popularly referred to as the female prostate, is a gland that is located at the lower end of the urethra and on the upper vaginal wall. These glands are typically made of cells that are identical to the ones found in the male prostate. They are responsible for the secretion of fluid seen during female ejaculation.

pleasureThere are many ways to satisfy a woman. One such way is to get her to feel her G spot. Being one of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body, stimulating G spot gives them an immense amount of pleasure.

In this article, we will try to understand what a female G spot is and how one can use it to provide simple pleasures to their women. We shall also go through a few products that one can use to stimulate  the female reproductive system, including the G spot.

Without any delay, let’s directly look into what the G spot is and ways to stimulate it.

1. Understand What the G Spot Is: Satisfy Your Woman Better

G spot
Photo by Tsaitgaist / CC BY-SA

The G spot was discovered by Regnier de Graaf way back in 1672; however, the credit of bringing the attention back to this sensitive area of a woman’s anatomy goes to Alexander Skene. The G spot represents an area located in the anterior wall of the vagina that many consider to be highly erogenous. Females are capable of ejaculation  when this region is stimulated.

Do you wonder why they’re popular?  Read the following:

  • G spots are popular because they represent an area that is capable of giving an orgasm to a woman.
  • The popularity of G spots can also be attributed to the mystery surrounding them. There are still many aspects of this erogenous region of a woman’s body that researchers are still trying to understand.

2. Master Your Woman’s G Spot: Give Your Woman Amazing G-Spot Orgasms

satisfy herUp until the discovery of the G spot, researchers believe that clitoris was the only region in the female anatomy that was capable of triggering a female orgasm, but the latest findings indicate that the G spot, which is hidden inside the vagina, provides even more pleasure to a woman in helping her achieve a perfect orgasm. Men, therefore, should identify this region in their women if they want to fully satisfy her and keep her happy.

Do you want to know how to locate her G spot? Read on

  • Middle FingerUse Your Middle Finger: To locate your woman’s G spot, you need to face your partner while she is lying on her back. Now, insert your middle or index finger into her vagina and go as far as you can. Make sure you crook it up in a beckoning position toward yourself, sliding the fingertip near the top section of the vagina. You will now encounter a region that is slightly rough if compared to another region. This area is G spot.
  • Toys Are Not Only For Children: Many men find it easier to stimulate the G spot by using toys. Dildos are highly suited for better stimulation. Use the ones that are curved and hard. In fact, some of the dildos you find in the market are specifically designed by manufacturers to stimulate the G spot.

Do not be discouraged if you are unable to locate the G spot. Ask her if she feels sensitive upon touching the area that you feel is the G spot. Occasionally, you may need to exert a bit of pressure to locate G spot as it is located deep within the vagina and not on its wall.

3. The Intensity of Sex Gets Better with Age: A Mature Woman Will Tell You Why

women in their 30'sAccording to research the intensity of a woman’s orgasm through her G spot is directly dependent on her hormone estrogen level. Also, the intensity of sex gets better with age.

We are sure that you want to know more details; find out below.

  • Most women under 30 have relatively higher levels of estrogen and therefore, it is easy for them to stimulate their clitoris to initiate orgasms. Thanks to higher levels of estrogen, the vaginal lining thickens, thus enabling them to stimulate the nerves surrounding G spot easily that way.
  • For women in their 30s, the estrogen level begins to decline, and this is why their vaginal lining starts thinning. Once this happens, it becomes easy to access G spot. This is the reason why women in their 30’s tend to peak sexually.

4. Take it Easy: Your Game Plan Should Be Perfect

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Just as you wouldn’t want to enter her forcefully, you should make sure to insert your finger softly, slowly and progressively. Once she starts feeling comfortable with your finger inside her, use your finger’s pad to rub against the top of her vagina. Continue doing this and you will be on track to locate the G spot. At the end of the day, a lot depends on your game plan.

Are you interested to know how to proceed with the game plan? Find out here:

  • Observe Her Expressions: When you are inside her and trying your best to get to the G spot, be attentive to the way she feels. You needn’t ask her, but just make sure to how she feels. When you actually run into a bean-shaped bump that has more texture than surrounding tissues, you know you have found out the G spot.
  • Use Your Fingers Sensibly: In your quest for finding the G spot, you need to vary the pressure and speeds with which you work on her until you have hit the target. Talk to her softly and find out if she is feeling anything different and change your moves accordingly.

5. Your Fingers Are the Ultimate Tools: Use Them Smartly

You can vary your stroke in various ways. We have added some strokes you can perform during sex. Keep on watching your women’s reaction to know what she likes best.

  • strokesSingle Finger Stroke: Start out with this stroke. When she is lying on her back, turn your palm up and use your index finger with a beckoning motion.
  • Double Finger Stroke: This is just like the above stroke, but you need to use two fingers.
  • Walking Finger Stroke: Move your two fingers in opposite directions, as if your fingers were walking.
  • Penetration Finger Stroke: Glide two fingers an inch inside and push them back in, just like in-and-out motion of intercourse. Do small strokes.

When you feel a contraction in her vagina, stroke more rapidly. You can be firm with your fingers if she is enjoying the touch. Besides, keep on saying dirty sex words she likes to stimulate her further.

6. Advanced Moves: Have You Ever Thought of Them?

use your free handIf you have already found your way to her G spot and looking further to increase her pleasure, then there are a few advanced moves you can consider to use. These moves are sure to make her experience a one-of-a-kind.

You must be thinking what are the advanced moves we are talking about? Here they are:

  • Play with Your Hand: Once you have reached her G spot, there’s still so much you can do. For example, you can use your free hand to press her belly gently, just above her pubic hair. The soft pressure you exert on her can stimulate her even more.
  • Go Doggy Style: Once you are finished with your finger job, it’s time to try something else. Why not try the doggy style position that works to stimulate G spot further? To get best results, make sure she is on all fours and her back bent slightly, as opposed to lying down on the bed. Now lift her hips slowly while trusting in a downward motion. This will make your penis rub against her vagina easily.
  • Missionary Position: Go with this altered version where you are lying on your back. Keep your knees bent and rest your feet flat on the bed. Now, elevate your pelvis by putting a few pillows under your bottom.

Your man should sit up and enter you so he can thrust at an upward angle. Thrusting in this manner will help his penis hit the upper vaginal wall. This touch helps women feel direct stimulation of G spot.

7. What’s Going on in Your Head When You Orgasm?

orgasmWe understand you are least bothered by the chemical reaction happening to your body when you are experiencing orgasm, but if you are one of those who want to know, here is the information.

When you reach the point of ecstasy, some parts of your brain go into overdrive, while other parts shut down completely. According to the researchers, activity in the region of the brain that controls your behavior decreases. This is the reason you feel speechless during orgasm.

After a few seconds of experiencing orgasm, the hypothalamus of your brain releases oxytocin. This hormone is also known as the cuddle hormone. It helps to create a beautiful bond with your partner and cause pleasant uterine contraction you feel during orgasm.

oxytocinOxytocin does other effective activities as well, such as it increases blood flow to the other organs of the body and reduces inflammation. This is reason women who experience regular orgasm enjoy incredible health benefits including lowered risk of cancer and heart attacks.

Along with oxytocin, your brain also releases DHEA and other mood-enhancing endorphins.

8. Female Libido Enhancer – The Perfect Supplement for Women

benefitsFemale libido enhancers represent the modern ways to enhance a woman’s desire to have sex. With a proven and safe female libido enhancer like Provestra, it is quite possible for women to have passionate sex, just like they wanted in the first place. When you use these supplements regularly, you feel the desire to have uninhibited and intense sex in the shortest time possible.

What are the other benefits of taking a product such as Provestra female libido enhancer? Check this out:

  • It increases vaginal lubrication.
  • It intensifies sexual sensations.
  • You get a quicker body arousal.
  • It will make your orgasms regular and more pleasurable.
  • Adds passion back into your intimate sessions.
  • Thrive on the goodness of natural products like ginseng, theobromine, ginkgo biloba, vitamin C, licorice root and red raspberry.

9. Boost the Power of the G Spot with These Simple Techniques

sexIt’s true that practice makes perfect. The same applies to the G spot. If you keep stimulating it and include it in your sex repertoire, then chances are high that you will achieve G-spot nirvana sooner than later.
So, how to boost the power of G spot? Find out below

  • Have Sex Regularly: Having sex regularly will help increase the power of your G spot.
  • Kegels: Improve the sensations by doing Kegel exercises. How should you do this? Just contract the pubococcygeus muscles. By contracting these muscles you are adding more pressure to the G spot.
  • Crunches and Sit-Ups: They are also helpful in strengthening the pelvic floor, which can be extremely beneficial in improving the frequency and quality of the female orgasm.
  • Climb: Another way to contract the pelvic floor is climbing. For this, you can consider mounting the nearest tree, rope and pole. To get better results, you may wrap your legs and have the pelvis close so that you are able to increase the friction in a natural way.

10. Every Woman Have One: Interesting Things About Her G Spot

not sure about itDifferent women give different accounts of their experiences. Some believe that G spots exist, while others are not sure about it. Experts believe that, due to varying appeal and sensitivity, it is possible for women to react in a different way to stimulations.

What are the other mysteries surrounding the G spot in a woman? Find out below:

  • Varying Sensitivity: The sensitivity surrounding the G spot is due to parautheral glands. Experts believe that the number of glands present can vary from one woman to another. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the level of sensitivity and the size of the area could also vary a lot. Other experts consider the nerve endings that are close to the glands to be the ones responsible for the sensitivity.
  • Different Positions: The positioning of the G spot could also vary from one woman to another. While in some it could be one centimeter on the way to the vagina, for others it could be one-third of the way to it. However, the exact position can be roughly determined by inserting your fingers in the vagina and trying to feel an area that is slightly rough compared to the surrounding areas.

11. Enhance Your Experience of Female Ejaculation with These Sensuous Steps

Locating your G spot
Photo by Robert McDonald / CC BY

Similarly to experiencing everything new in life, you should aim to experience something different during sex with your partner. However, you need to make sure that you are not adding unnecessary stress in your life or your partner’s. Setting up goals and trying to achieve them in sex is bad. Therefore, you should refrain from setting up goals and enjoy them as they come.

How can you ensure the best female prostatic ejaculation is there for you? Read on:

  • Urinate before having sex: To get the best sexual experience, experts suggest that you urinate before sex play. Emptying your bladder is possibly a good idea before you start with your procedure. This way, you will not get unnecessarily worried that you may have peed accidentally.
  • Try to identify your G spot: Locating your G spot using a stimulator always helps. It is also possible to locate G spot as soon as you achieve your first orgasm.
  • Seek advice from a counselor or professional sex therapist: It can be an enriching experience seeking help from a professional sex therapist or a counselor. Talk to them about other ways of seeking pleasure in sex.

12. The Female Prostate is Different: What Every Woman Should Know

How different is the female prostate?While both men and women have prostate glands, the female prostate is quite different. Interestingly, many women aren’t even aware of this or are ignorant of this fact. If you want to enjoy the best sexual experiences, knowing a thing or two about your prostate helps.

How different is the female prostate? Here are some insights for you:

  • As soon as men undergo orgasm, they tend to pass through a refractory period where it is not possible to produce another orgasm against any amount of stimulation. However, in the case of females, it is quite different. In fact, every woman is capable of having multiple orgasms, one after another.
  • Women can achieve successive orgasms by continuous stimulation, yet experts have found that most women are still not aware of this fact. 

13. For Women: Overcome Mental Fright to Enjoy the Ultimate Bliss with Your Partner

right frame of mindHow you perform during sex depends on your mental state of mind. It is, therefore, vital that you overcome mental fright to get the best experiences possible. Remember, when you are not in the right frame of mind, it is possible that you may not be able to experience orgasm and therefore may not be able to enjoy sex as well as you would have liked.

A majority of women face a lot of difficulty in achieving sensation and as a result, they do not experience the orgasm they would have liked. Also, when women rely a lot on men to arouse them, there are high chances of them getting frustrated.

What can you do to overcome stress? Here are some exclusive tips for you:

  • Be Imaginative: To overcome your stressed feelings, women need to picture themselves in an intimate embrace. Imagine the flow of oxygen, passing through the nipples and making their way to the vaginal shaft through the pelvic cavity. Focus entirely on the G spot while doing this.
  • Cast Away Sex Toys for Some Time: A number of the women population is dependent on using unique solutions or objects to ensure that they are sexually satisfied. Such women are more inclined to get satisfied with objects than real people. Therefore, as a first step in getting the maximum out of your anatomy, you should realize that there are many other choices for you.

14. Learn How to Ejaculate Using the G Spot: We Are Sure You Will Love These Tricks

candlesAll women are capable of ejaculating. It is better for every woman to know about self-ejaculation, in order to enjoy themselves. How satisfactorily you will ejaculate depends on your ability to stimulate the G spot. So, take your time in locating your G spot and then start stimulating it for a few minutes as a build-up for your orgasm.

What are these fun ways?  Find out here:

  • Make Your Ambience Sexy: Things can get quite messy while you are ejaculating. Therefore, you can either throw a towel on the place where you are ejaculating or make your place sexier using perfumed candles or scents.
  • Watch Some Erotica: Getting aroused is the next thing for you. You can do this by grabbing your favorite toy or watching some erotica. You can also indulge in some foreplay if you are with your partner.
  • Go For It: Now that you are prepared and have stimulated your G spot in order to build up the ejaculatory fluid, just relax and keep stimulating your body to help you achieve orgasm. Sooner than later you are sure to achieve what you have set out to do.

15. Prolonged Foreplay Is Said to Intensify Orgasms

foreplaySex is exciting. And there are many ways to try and make it even more pleasurable. Foreplay is boundless and makes sex awesome, but due to the fabrication out there, people do it the wrong way. They depend too much on porn and sex magazines and makes hot sex turns into a dreary one.

Doing foreplay wrong is going to turn your partner off. Check for these tips:

  • Foreplay is about sexually caressing each other prior to sex.
  • Foreplay can have its own uncomfortably noisy moments; therefore, add some music in the bedroom to reduce the uproar you will be creating.
  • The tongue is also an effective tool in foreplay, but do not overdo it. Don’t shovel your tongue into your partner’s throat or ears.
  • A woman’s boobs are an erogenous zone that men love to fondle with. Gently kiss, stroke and lick them. Don’t twist and squeeze her nipples hard like they do in porn movies.
  • Do not ask for the lights to be turned off. If you ask for this often, your woman may think that you do not find her body sensual.

sexual paradiseChances are that you may not understand much about the female prostate in your first attempt. But then, there’s always the second time, third time and so on. Understanding female anatomy is the first step in achieving your sexual goals. Once you have succeeded in understanding it, it is all about practice from then on. Just have the belief in you and keep trying.

Ladies, if women all over the world have achieved success in getting the ultimate pleasure, so can you. Just make sure you are not trying too hard or unnecessarily stressed out, as that can easily backfire on you. Just relax; you may be in sexual paradise before you know it.