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9 Fun Facts About Ginger Root You Should Know

Avatar photo 9 years ago 6 minute read

Seriously, are we talking about this? Ginger.

Well, my friend we know, like many people, you don’t like ginger. Don’t worry, so do we. But that doesn’t mean that ginger isn’t hugely beneficial to our bodies.

All the best tasting things have the most harmful effects on our bodies, while things such as ginger have healing properties. Who eats vegetables anyway? Or is ginger root a fruit? Although the jury is still out on that, all we know if ginger is popping up and a variety of foods and drinks these days.

single piece of gingerAlthough most fruits and vegetables have specific and even limited uses, ginger is different. You eat ginger in a lot of foods.

It is one of the most commonly used food item that you never want to taste in its original form. Well, Asians use ginger a lot.

They are obsessed about healthy eating, and consider ginger to be one of the top health foods. And, for good reason, too.

A single piece of ginger, roughly weighing around 6 grams has less than five calories, making it one of the lightest foods out there. That ketchup you spill over your greasy fries like syrup on a pancake has more than 150 calories. Make of that what you will.

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But, there are more things about ginger root that you might not know, except the fact that you should never, ever, try to consume it in its original form, unless you want a really weird after taste in your mouth for a long, long time afterwards.

So, without further ado, we bring you nine astounding things that you probably didn’t know about amazing ginger root.

1. Ginger Helps Anorexic People Feel Hungry

pizzaWhat’s the best way to tempt a person who just wouldn’t eat, to eat? You could dangle a cheese burger before their eyes, or stuff your face with pizza and offer them a slice.

Or, you could suggest they eat ginger. Hang on, do we mean that the best way to make a person who isn’t attracted to food at all consume some is by offering them one of the most pungent, weird tasting foods out there?

You got that. For people who have a dull appetite and don’t feel like eating much, ginger has proven to loosen the knot on their stomachs. It even fires up the digestive juices to ensure that a person is all ready and willing to hog down on the platter before them. It doesn’t make sense, but hey, we are not here to find logic. It is ginger, after all.

2. Ginger Aids the Absorption of Essential Nutrients

GingerRemember when a nutritionist on television doctor talked about different foods that could supplement the process of absorption of essential nutrients in your body?

We don’t either. But, what we do know is that of all the foods that you intake, the body has a very methodical system to break it down.

At first, the foods are broken down and the nutrients are extracted from them.  While the first step is quite easy. All you have to do is eat, right? Can’t be too hard. The next one isn’t under your control.

In fact, there are proper foods out there that can help the absorption of essential nutrients in your body. Remember that kid who would eat a truck load, but was as thin as a pencil? Now you know why.

3. Ginger Prevents Nausea and Air Sickness

deep sea fishing
Photo by Amila Tennakoon / CC BY

When you are flying 30,000 feet up in the sky, air sickness can prove to be a real killer.

And if you’ve ever gone deep sea fishing, you know how sick a person can get watching those waves go up and down.

We understand that it can happen to anyone. You get a bag though, so there’s consolation. So, what do you do if you are feeling air sick and nauseous?

Well, it might go against all logical reasoning, but science has proven that literally munching on ginger, along with a little bit of honey could pretty much cure you of air sickness and nausea. Thus, in theory, if you are feeling nauseous or airsick, science requests you to intake ginger. Well, it is something that would, under normal circumstances, make you more nauseous.

4. Ginger to the Rescue When You Feel Gassy

ginger pillsFlatulence is a real curse. One minute you are walking tall and the next minute there are weird noises coming out of you. It is almost as if your stomach is talking to the outside world. But hey, it happens.

We know what it feels like to be sitting silently in your class and have your stomach talking. And, as embarrassed as you might have been in such situations, there’s a way to cure it.

Time and again, ginger has proven its value in a lot of weird situations, and it pulls through with aplomb this time too. Yes, ginger can help with flatulence.

Try ginger pills, candies or teas. Your stomach won’t be complaining about it loudly.

5. Ginger Helps Ease Cramps

Photo by 阮芊菡 JUAN CHIEN-HAN / CC BY

Remember that time of the month when you don’t feel like doing anything and your body decides to really, really punish you for being a girl? Of course you remember, because you go through it every month.

When the cramps begin to set in, and the tummy begins to moan and groan like a 1950’s vehicle with a 500-pound boulder inside, there aren’t many things that a person can do except suffer in silence.

Or is there? Research has proven that simply munching on ginger can help resolve cramps within the body.

6. Ginger Tea Brings Good Things

Ginger Tea
Photo by Cinnamon Vogue / CC BY-SA

You might not be such a stranger to ginger after all.

While most of the amazing things about ginger are mainly focused upon consuming ginger it in its original form, there are a lot of health benefits of consuming ginger tea, as well.

For starters, we have all had that feeling when you wake up one day, only to find your throat and your nose completely congested. It is one of the most annoying feelings in the world. But hey, if you are human, you must have been victim of it.

What we do is pop some pills, which tend to work in a day or two. Instead, put up a pot and start making ginger tea. Ginger tea has proven to be highly effective against relieving nose and throat congestion.

7. Ginger Knocks Out Joint Pain

Photo by Steven Depolo / CC BY

Seriously, what’s there that ginger cannot help with?

We don’t know, but what we do know is that ginger is probably the most underrated vegetable root that hides in the darkest corners of your kitchen spice cabinet.

Now, scientists have found that ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that people who are suffering from joint pains can actually get relief.


The old fashioned way, of course. It is unlikely that you have the resources required to extract the essential oil from ginger in your home, so just go out there and buy some ginger essential oil. Float it in your bath, and lie down like a king. The oil in your bath will help relieve pain in your muscles and joints.

8. Ginger Helps Control Blood Pressure

What? A natural treatment for high blood pressure, too?