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9 Frequently Asked Questions About Black Cohosh

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As a woman, we can understand how your mood tends to go from bad to worse before that time of the month approaches. However, these effects are far more for women who are going through menopause.

Most women usually get used to the fact that once every month, they are going to go through a tough situation in their lives. There’s really no other word for it.

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Also, as horrific and ugly as it might be to have blood coming every month, it is also vitally important. This is a medicinal process that happens once every month and is important to ensure the fertility of the female.

So, what happens when a woman realizes that she’s stopped menstruating? That she’s become menopausal? Well, in a gist, for the best part of two months or so, havoc ensues. Women become extremely irritated, and slightly frustrated at the fact that they will no longer be able to reproduce.

While that might not be the only reason, it is important to note that women tend to become terribly angry at the littlest of things. Now, there are a bunch of different medicines out there that helps women feel better and cope with their menopause in a better manner.

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But, are they effective? Probably. Do you need them? Unlikely. The best thing is to go for natural roots and herbs, which can help to make feel you so much better in a very short span of time.

helps women feel betterNow, one of these roots is the black cohosh. The black cohosh, you ask? Seems like the name of a botched comic super hero.

But hey, if you consider the medicinal advantages of black cohosh, then it is an awesome super hero indeed.

For over two hundred years, Native Americans have used the black cohosh since they realized its awesomeness.

As the European colonists began beating the Natives out of their home country, the Native Americans also introduced the black cohosh to them, and by the 1950’s, the black cohosh had become a highly popular treatment for women throughout the continent of Europe.

It’s been tried and tested for a lot of different cures, and has shown amazing results in more than a few of those tests. The black cohosh is also commonly known as “bugbane,” which is weird, because that’s also very similar to a nickname you would give to a comic superhero.

So, now that we have confirmed the close association of this root as well as comic super heroes, it is time to delve in to some awesome questions regarding the one and only, the black cohosh.

1. How Does Black Cohosh Work?

How Does Black Cohosh WorkHow does black cohosh work? Well, it seems that the root of black cohosh is the primary factor that works effectively well for medicinal purposes.

The root contains a number of different chemicals which have different types of effects on a person’s body. There are certain chemicals which even impact the immune system.

They help the body’s defenses to tighten up against the many diseases that affect you, and are repelled on a daily basis.

Other chemicals found within the root of black cohosh can help reduce inflammation in a person’s body. But, that’s not all. There are certain chemicals which help with the female hormone, estrogen.

In certain parts of the body, the cohosh improves the release of estrogen. While in other regions, it reduces the effects of estrogen. Hence it provides an evenly balanced hormonal spread throughout the body.

2. Does Black Cohosh Squish the Side Effects of Menopause?

symptoms of menopauseYes. There is definitive research that the intake of black cohosh can bring down the symptoms of menopause.

For starters, it was found that women who suffer from hot flashes benefit greatly from black cohosh, since it prevents them from such episodes.

It has also shown to help women who suffer from a lot of night sweat, providing them with comfortable sleep.

Then, black cohosh helps with boosting your chances of sleep; most women who are unable to fall asleep as easily will find that black cohosh takes them in to dreamland much sooner.

However, it should be known that the research was conducted for one specific product of black cohosh, known as Remifemin.

3. Does Black Cohosh Make Coping With Menopause Easy?

black cohosh
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Yes. In a study that was conducted back in the 1980s and 1990’s, it was concluded that the black cohosh has a definitive positive impact when it comes to coping with menopause.

Another study of Germany on 629 women resulted that the root helps greatly in improving the psychological as well as physical symptoms of menopause in women.

Also, the effect took less than four weeks, which again highlighted the effective of this awesome root. Often during menopause, women tend to suffer from bodily cramps, which make it difficult for them to go about their daily business. Taking a bit of black cohosh on a daily basis will ensure that these effects become easy to bear.

4. Will Black Cohosh Make Me Stress Free?

StressYes, the awesomeness of black cohosh does not end with menopausal improvement. Another study was conducted earlier on a much shorter population pool: just 60 women.

The result showed that menopausal women who took the black cohosh extract began to feel much less depressed, as well as anxious as compared to women who were not taking any extract.

Other women, who received diazepam or estrogen, didn’t show any positive effects either. Hence, we have further proven that black cohosh is only awesome. If your wife is suffering through menopause, you would actually do her a favor by suggesting she try it.

5. Does Black Cohosh Help Down Under, Too?

Photo by Lara604 / CC BY

Women who are undergoing menopause have a lot of symptoms in a lot of places.

Their stomach tends to cramp up, their body tends to feel more tired and obviously, their mind tends to get angry for no reason whatsoever.

In such instances, it is wise for any man to make sure that they keep their distance. There’s not much you can do about it, but there’s not much you can do against it either.

For women, one of the worst things is that their vagina tends to start going through pain. Urination becomes a literal pain between the legs since they feel a burning sensation every time they attend the nature’s call.

You can understand how it must be for a woman going through such symptoms. But, you need not despair, for the mighty black cohosh is here. In another study that was conducted earlier, it was found that the black cohosh brings about a significant improvement in vaginal symptoms for menopausal women. This makes them calmer and much easier to be with.

Vaginal symptoms include the tightening of the walls inside, pain while urinating, and frequent discharge of all kinds of weird substances. But, all that is easily relieved by your friendly black cohosh.

6. Does Black Cohost Increase Breast Size?

BreastSuffering from small-boob complex? Don’t want to go for implants? Sure, no problem. Just take black cohosh.

A famous doctor once noted the effects of black cohosh when it comes to releasing estrogen within the body.

And that doctor, God bless his soul, came to the conclusion that the estrogenic activity caused by black cohosh, leads to a mastogenic effect.

What’s a mastogenic effect, you ask? Just the natural enlargement of the wonder bags. This is probably the most awesome, super hero named root out there, but hey there are proven studies that show how effective it can be.

7. Can I Take Black Cohosh During Pregnancy?

PregnancyNo. Okay, a word of advice. Black cohosh might have a lot of positive traits, but one thing that is important to remember is the fact that women during pregnancy should not take black cohosh.

After all, your boobs are already going to increase in size during pregnancy. But no, that’s not the reason.

Black cohosh has been used throughout history in order to induce labor in women. And, as a result, unless you want a premature baby in your arms, avoid taking black cohosh during pregnancy.

It may cause premature cramps that can be harmful for the pregnant mother as well as the growing baby.

8. Does Taking Black Cohosh Mean No More Pain in My Joints?

pain in the bones and joins
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Certain preliminary studies that were recently conducted have shown that black cohosh helps greatly by reducing inflammation that is commonly associated with osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

Both of these names might sound confusing and frankly, weird to an average person who doesn’t know jack about medical terminology. Thus, allow us to enlighten you what it does.

Arthritis causes pain in the bones and joins, making it difficult for men and women to move about as freely as they would like. This usually happens during old age, but hey, there’s no set age threshold. Either way, black cohosh can help.

9. Can Black Cohosh Manage My Menstrual Migraines?

Early research has shown that taking black cohosh can bring down the pains caused due to menstrual migraines. Many women, during their menstrual cycles, tend to suffer from migraine. Black cohosh can help in that, too.

Menstrual Migraines
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Doctors have put their pens and pencils down and decided that black cohosh is the best option for all women who are going through their menstrual cycles, or going through menopause.

And since this is an herbal treatment, the side effects are also comparatively lower.

In short, black cohosh is awesome, and if taken properly, it can help women relax during their menstruation cycle as easy as you’d like.

Well, if you think it’s too cumbersome to find the purest raw form of black cohosh, we have simple, easy to use and more effective option for you.

We are talking about the amazing natural supplement from Provestra.com. This supplement contains various efficacious ingredients such as licorice, I3C, ginger and black cohosh to make you free of diseases, healthy and happy.

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