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Increase Female Desire: Unlocking the Secrets of Good Sex

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The world, perhaps more than ever, is obsessed with sex and increase sexual desire. It is portrayed more in modern media than any other time in human history how to increase female libido. Seemingly, anywhere you look sex is there to meet your gaze.

more open talks about sex and sexualityUndeniably marketers are pursuing the old adage “sex sells” and whether you agree or not with the hyper-sexualization of today’s culture has produced one good thing—more open talks about sex and sexuality.

Go back in time just fifty years and the very prospect of a well-to-do woman discussing things like orgasm and sexuality would leave husbands and politicians white knuckled.

Perhaps for the first time in modern history, women are finally allowed to pursue their natural desire openly. For example, there are now more books about women sexuality and more sales of sex toys this last decade than ever before.

Though the age of sexual enlightenment may soon be upon us, it is not entirely here. Many women, the world over, are still hesitant to talk about their sex lives.

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Though we can all understand hesitancy in regards to such private matters, it is now more important than ever to speak openly about our sexuality.

The reason is because many women (more than men) suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. That’s right, research suggests sexual dysfunction is common in as much as 43% of women, compared to 31% of men. However, these numbers could be drastically off due in part because of how hesitant or embarrassed many women are to discuss it.

healthy and happy lifeWhat this means is that as many as 43% or more of ALL WOMEN are unable in some way to experience true sexual satisfaction. Many experts agree that having a healthy and fulfilling sex life is paramount to leading a healthy and happy life.

The mere fact that so many women are experiencing some degree of discomfort with sex is a cause many can align themselves with. This article aims to educate women about sexual dysfunction and the options you have in reclaiming your sex lives and subsequently, a happy life.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction or how to increase female libido?

What is Female Sexual DysfunctionSexual dysfunction or simply, a sexual problem refers to a problem during any phase of the “sexual response cycle” that prevents a woman from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity.

Understanding the sexual response cycle is very important in understanding where your sexual dissatisfaction comes from and how to improve female desire.

The Sexual Response Cycle and increase female desire.

The sexual response cycle refers to the sequence of physical and emotional changes that occur as a person becomes sexually aroused and participates in sexual activity and increase sexual desire. The cycle has four phases and are as follows:

Phase 1:

Excitement—the beginning of sexual contact. Follows these characteristics:

  • Increased heart rateMuscle tension increases
  • Increased heart rate and breathing rate
  • Skin may become flushed
  • Nipples become hardened
  • Blood flow to the genitals increases resulting in swelling of clitoris and labia minora (the inner vaginal lips)
  • Vaginal lubrication begins
  • Breasts become fuller and vaginal walls swell

Phase 2:

Plateau—this phase extends to the brink of orgasm
  • Muscle spasms and tension increaseChanges from phase 1 are intensified
  • Vagina continues to swell from increased blood flow
  • Clitoris is now highly sensitive
  • Muscle spasms and tension increase

Phase 3:

Orgasm—the climax of the sexual response cycle. It is the shortest of the phases and generally lasts for a few seconds. Characteristics include:

  • blood pressureInvoluntary muscle contractions
  • Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure are all at their highest levels
  • Sudden, forceful release of sexual tension
  • Muscles of vagina contract and uterus undergoes rhythmic contractions

Phase 4: resolution

enhanced intimacyDuring resolution the body returns to its level before the sexual response cycle was initiated. This phase though is memorable for its sense of general well-being, enhanced intimacy, and even fatigue.

Pinpointing where on the sexual response cycle you begin to exhibit sexual function is an excellent first step at resolving your sexual dysfunction.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can be caused by a litany of causes both physical and psychological. It is no wonder today with the busy lives of the modern women that sexual dysfunction is at an unprecedented high. Between children, housework, careers, marriages, aging parents, bills, the list goes on, that many women take care of everything but themselves.

Many of the causes of sexual dysfunction are psychological and are caused by a number of things like:

  • Work related stressWork related stress
  • Anxiety
  • Concern about sexual performance
  • Marital or relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Poor past sexual performance or trauma

It is no wonder why so many are affected by sexual dysfunction. These problems can occur in adults of all ages and people from all walks of life.

What Sexual Dysfunction Means to Women

Sexual dysfunction in women comes in a variety of forms including:

  • depressionDecreased sexual desire or lack of interest. Many factors contribute to this including hormonal changes, depression, stress, fatigue (see list above), and many more
  • Inability to become aroused is a very common complaint from women suffering from sexual dysfunction. This often means inadequate sexual lubrication or the inability to become “wet”
  • Lack of Orgasm or anorgasmia is the absence of sexual climax. It too can be caused by any number of stressors and by insufficient stimulation
  • Painful Intercourse is the most unfortunate form of sexual dysfunction and can be caused a litany of medical problems. Painful intercourse should be discussed with a doctor as it could mean a serious medical ailment.
How to increase sexual desire

Going to a doctorGoing to a doctor is always recommended for women experiencing symptoms of sexual dysfunction to rule out serious medical causes like sexually transmitted diseases and ensure the health of all your sexual organs.

The treatment of sexual dysfunction relies solely on treating the underlying problem so it is very important to ensure the underlying problem is not a physical one, which can only be determined by a medical doctor.

However, for a lot of women many of their sexual problems can be treated by a team effort that includes honesty between your partner, yourself, and perhaps a doctor or therapists.

Recently, there has been much attention drawn to products that claim to revive the sex drive for women, or products that can improve female libido. These products are usually referred to as female enhancers.

herbal supplements and extractsMany female enhancers work on well-understood and basic principles. Most aim to restore hormonal balance, which is one of the primary causes of low sexual desire, increase blood flow to your genitals, and increase lubrication. The way these pills restore balance to your body and sexuality is usually through a well-researched and calculated formula that is comprised mainly of herbal supplements and extracts.

One of the best performing female enhancers on the market today is a product called Provestra—an excellent tool for increasing sexual desire and resolving some of your hormonal issues.

Provestra is one of the only that is recommended by the medical community and has been featured on various news programs such as Fox News. It truly is one of the legitimate sexual enhancers in the relatively new market of female enhancement.

Increase female desire are becoming a valid option for many women who lack the time for a lifestyle change and as products like Provestra are completely safe and only use herbal supplements, they are