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6 Ways to Increase Female Desire Besides Plenty of Rest

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It is true that many young women in their early 20s have a high libido, while some older women use female arousal pills because they suffer from lack of sexual desire.

Does age really matter when it comes to sexual desire? To show you that age does not have to be a factor of a woman’s sexual longing, here are some effective ways to increase female desire regardless of age.

Get Enough Rest  with Ways to increase female desire

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Getting enough rest is one of the major ways to increase female’s desire.

As we all know, one needs enough rest and well patterned sleep and wake cycle in order to boost the body’s energy.

Have you noticed that once your partner doesn’t have enough rest, he or she isn’t in the mood to make love? That is why enough rest is very important.

1. Avoid Down Moments With female enhancement herbs

Down MomentsBeing down affects one’s total activity, and that includes relationships and lovemaking activities. One of the most common characters of a depressed person is withdrawal from the society, and a woman who continuously pulls herself away from the crowd will suffer from decreasing brain activity, which will result in decreased interest in sex.

If this continues, a down woman will also experience difficulty reaching the stage of satisfaction.

2. Take Health Supplements

Take Health SupplementsStressful activities play a major role in declining bedroom performance. It becomes necessary to take supplements to bring back your energy and increase your sexual desire naturally. Here are some of the most common and effective ways to increase a woman’s sexual desire without affecting the health.

a. Ginseng 

ginsengA very popular choice of a natural sexual booster for most women, because it is capable of increasing hormones that can increase sexual desire.

Ginseng also adjusts estrogen levels of women, which is important during a woman’s monthly period.

b. Vitamin E 

Vitamin ETaking Vitamin E improves the sexual mood for most women because it helps with the production of sex hormones. Vitamin E even protects sex hormones from the process of oxidation, making this one of the many ways to increase female desire.

c. Black Cohosh 

This supplement had been used mainly for women suffering from arthritis and menopausal symptoms. However, this supplement can do more than just treat body pains.

Black CohoshBlack Cohosh is now widely used to increase a woman’s sexual desire because it contains components similar to estrogen, which helps to improve the flow of blood in a woman’s pelvis.

By doing so, a woman’s sexual desire is increased. In fact, the more the blood flow produced in the pelvis area of a woman, the greater her desire and lubrication.

d. Yohimbe

Otherwise known as an evergreen tree, Yohimbe is also perfect for increasing a woman’s sexual desire.

It works by increasing both the flow of blood and nerve impulses in a woman’s private parts which then increases sexual desire. 

3. Perform Daily Exercise

Perform Daily ExerciseExercising daily is not just intended to make you feel and look healthy; this is also vital to a woman who wants to increase her sexual desire and pep up her sex life even in old age.

For example, squatting exercises improves the blood flow in a woman’s pelvis and private parts which could certainly increase desire.

Another popular exercise routine recommended by most OB-Gyn doctors is the Kegels exercise. That one teaches women how to strengthen the muscles of their private parts, and in return gives women heightened sexual urges and orgasms.

4. Healthy Foods

Healthy FoodsYou might think that foods don’t have anything to do with your sexual desire, but the truth is that what you eat is important. If you’re looking for ways to increase female desire, you must keep away from eating soy. This food actively lowers hormone levels which can affect one’s sexual desire.

Mints are also bad for those who are seeking sexual intimacy, because that can cool off your body. Menthol flavored foods can also decrease hormone levels. There are a lot of foods that can affect one’s sexual desire so a healthy diet is very important.

5. Age Is Not a Hindrance to a Satisfying Sexual Life

Age Is Not a HindranceAging women experience a decline in sex hormones, however this does not mean that a woman’s age prevents her from enjoying a satisfying sexual life.

Seniors aged 70-80 are still actively enjoying sex, according to NSHAP or the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project of the University of Chicago’s survey. This survey shows that the main aspect that affects sexual craving is not age but rather one’s overall health status and lifestyle.

6. Live a Healthy Life

Live a Healthy LifeTo enjoy and experience an active sex life, a woman needs to live a healthy life. Remove all the negativity that surrounds her and start practicing some of the above mentioned ways to increase female desire. As you can see, age is not the main reason why a woman’s sexual desire decreases. Women aging gracefully can even outdo men when it comes to bedroom activities Ways to increase female desire therefore women should not limit their sexual capabilities but rather explore them as they age.