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9 Ways to Kick Start Sex with Just a Kiss

Avatar photo 9 years ago 8 minute read

For most women, or even men, kissing is just a means to an end, something that you have or are required to do with your guy before you hit the sack, or leave your home in high heels.  Apparently, there’s more to kissing than just locking lips, sticking out your tongue and exchanging saliva. Believe it or not, having a perfect kiss can lead to even greater things, such as sex.

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The question now is, how good are you in the kissing department? Can your kiss make your boy sizzle and beg for more? Or the better question is, is your kiss good enough that it can lead to sex? If yes, that would be great. If not, don’t worry. It’s not your fault that you’re one of the late bloomers, or always on the good side.

Here are nine ways to kiss like a pro that will eventually help you bring the passion back into your intimate encounters.

 It’s All About Timing.

watching too many chick flicksIf you have been watching too many chick flicks, which is normal since you’re a girl, you’ll notice that there will always be a delay or eye-to-eye contact before the first kiss actually takes place.

And yes, it also happens in real life, because when the moment is right, you’ll never know what will happen next.

Call it cliché and too cheesy, but the best time for a kiss is when you and your man are alone, with a pause in the conversation and you’re both looking into each other’s eyes.

Catching Fire
Photo by vagueonthehow / CC BY

Just imagine the Katniss – Peeta moment before they take on the careers in Catching Fire. Or it doesn’t have to be that you’re alone all the time, since even in the movies, guy and girl still kiss even if there are people watching them – hello, The Fault in our Stars?

The point is if you’re able to make an eye contact and the timing is just so right, go ahead and kiss him.

Start With The Lips.

Start With The LipsFrench kissing is hot and will definitely intensify your sexual sensations. But before you proceed with tongue action, make sure to start with your lips first.

Lightly kiss his lips with yours, either top lip, bottom lip, or even both. Then let the momentum build until you’re both ready to bring out the cherry on top, which is your tongue.

To make it easier for you to understand, compare kissing to sex. You don’t want him to go inside you without giving you an oral right? Same goes with kissing. Your lips are your foreplay and your tongue is the main course. A piece of advice: just don’t make the tongue that star of your show. Too much of it can be yucky, too.

Keep It Soft And Small.

Keep It Soft And SmallThe kisses, you dirty mind. Just like in any other foreplay, coming on too strong might accelerate his excitement too quickly. That’s not the point of kissing.

As much as possible, you want to build arousal, both for you and for him, since the slower the excitement buildup, the bigger the bang.

To do this, give him little, soft pecks on his face and neck, but not on the lips. To keep him excited, trace the outline of his mouth with the tip of your tongue. Even if he tries to kiss you, don’t let him. Then kiss him softly and gently and occasionally sucking and nibbling his lower lip – gently, please. Again, you want to build the excitement, not make him orgasm on kissing alone, so take it easy.

The Hot Hello.

a hot hello smoochAfter a tiring day at work, your man will definitely need something to perk him up.

Sure, you made a yummy dinner that will make every posh restaurant in New York bow down, but that’s not enough to get you both in the mood.

In this case, the hot hello technique comes in. This means greeting your guy with enthusiasm, as if you haven’t seen him for years.

That will make him feel loved and appreciated, because a hot hello smooch is the best way to tell him that excitement is about to come. And the best part? When he responded with the same degree of desire, you know what happens next.

press your body against himWhat if you’re single and ready to mingle? Don’t worry. You can still do this by locking your eyes at your man-candy, flashing him your pearly whites and walking towards him while maintaining eye contact. Say something funny and sexy without being too pushy and press your body against him. Once you feel he’s worth your time, go ahead and pucker up. Just please stay away from the tongue. Just for now.

Do It Like A Hollywood Star.

kissing scenesHere’s a fact: you’ll never run out of ultimate kissing scenes, thanks to countless Hollywood movies that depict make-believe couples that are so in love, they can’t take their eyes off each other. Don’t worry. You can have that Mandy moment, too, from A Walk to Remember.

When you have that moment, you know, the gazing into each other’s eyes moment, while soft music is playing in the background and you realized you’re so in love with your guy, a kiss is the perfect way to tell him how much you love him. Instead of putting it into words, a kiss is the best way to explain how much you appreciate having him in your life.

Just like in the movies, get your guy’s arms wrapped around your waist. Move your hand over his chest and up to his neck and hold him tight. Don’t rush, and let your leading man grab you tighter.

Maximize The Use Of Your Hands.

Maximize The Use Of Your HandsWho says kissing only requires your lips? If you really want to kick start sex with lip-locking, then you better work those hands, too. Just think of this: If your guy can kiss you intensely while fondling with your breasts or touching you down there, so can you.

But, this doesn’t mean you should reach down and grab his balls once your lips are locked. Try to act like a conservative woman for a few minutes by placing your hands around your man’s neck, waist or on the back of his head.

If you want to play romantic, place your hand on his cheek. This can add up to your intimacy level and make the kiss extra special.

Once you’re in the mood, that’s the time you can get your hands dirty, figuratively speaking.

Don’t Forget To Tease.

a sizzling kiss
Photo by David Martyn Hunt / CC BY

Following the previous tip, teasing is another important element that will surely turn a dull night into something extraordinary.

Think of this as the Olympics – an opening ceremony will have to take place before the games begin. Apply that in sex. You need that pre-game PDA before the fireworks explode. In this case, a sizzling kiss is your pre-game ritual.

While you can’t wait to grab his ass or give him some head, restrain yourself by kissing him teasingly. Slowly graze your lips at the side of his neck with small kisses then move it up to the earlobe.

Flirtatiously nibble on it before brushing your lips to his. Tell him how sexy and manly he looked in that shirt and with a seductive gaze and lock your lips on his. You can also gently suck his lower lip to make that statement – you’re horny and he should know it.

There’s Always Room For Experimentation.

some tongue action
Photo by KoS / CC BY-SA

If you really like experimenting in bed, then you should do the same for kissing, too.

A lot of people think that kissing is just kissing, with some tongue action in between. Be the better girl and know that kissing is much more than that.

In fact, if you really want to kick start sex with some smooching, then don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix up your moves and tempo by giving him soft pecks then tongue, or by kissing him intensely then slowing down a bit.

Don’t leave your lips on the same spot for more than a minute. Although a kiss can be thrilling, doing the same thing on the same place over and over can be pretty boring, too, and will do nothing on your libido.

Plus, the last thing you need is a stiff neck so go on, vary your style a bit.

End It With A Bang.

It doesn’t matter if he’s leaving for a conference for two weeks, or he needs to take out the garbage. The point is, every kiss must end with a sizzle, something that your man will crave for more. Show him how much you’ll miss him, even for a few hours, and give him million reasons to think of you.

maintaining lip contact
Photo by See-ming Lee / CC BY-SA

With a little force, pull him towards you and press your lips to his. While maintaining lip contact, open your mouth and inhale deeply.

This will literally take his breath away and make him forget why he’s leaving in the first place. Rest assured that he’ll be rushing on his way home just to get his guy inside you.

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