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10 Ways Yoga Can Spark Your Sex Life

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Yoga is a good physical activity that brings wonderful benefits to your body. It has been with us for centuries and it has helped people in many ways. It relieves stress, promotes health and keeps the body strong and sturdy. But there is something else that yoga can do for you. No, this is not just another hasty attempt to get you into yet another weight loss program.

sex lifeApparently, yoga can also spark up your sex life.

That got your attention, didn’t it? Yes, actually yoga can boost your sex life just as much as a new kitchen can boost up your appetite to cook.

You see the metaphorical comparison? That practically gives you an idea of how yoga can whet your appetite when it comes to sex. Pun intended.

Exactly how does yoga spice up your sex life? The science of fitness can prove to you that doing yoga can have many physical benefits; one of them the sexual kind. Because of its ability to heighten your concentration and focus your strength on specific body parts, you will learn that you can actually use yoga for orgasmic benefits. Here are 10 ways that yoga can spark up your sex life:

1. Yoga Can Help You Relax

YogaYoga is known to promote relaxation of the body and of the mind.

You are given the chance to channel your stress and negative emotions and squeeze them out of your psyche.

It paves the way to a stress and tension free mentality. With a sound mind and a relaxed body, it gives you more room to enjoy sex.

You have to admit, stress and personal issues can mentally hinder you from feeling the urge to have sex. Women, even during sex, tend to think about other matters that she needs to attend to. That is what’s causing the distraction from the action.

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Yoga can train you to control your thoughts and free your mind for other things. This can be extremely helpful when you want to have an undisturbed, non-stressful sexy time.

2. Yoga Can Enhance Your Senses

close your eyes
Photo by Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta / CC BY-SA

Yoga uses your brain in many ways, and one of them is enhancing your senses.

Through apt training and yoga sessions, it will give you the ability to zero in on specific physical sensations and boost them up for a more enhanced feeling.

Take for example when you close your eyes, your sense of hearing perks up. It can be like that on other areas of your body, and you can use it for your benefit sexually.

Learning the art of yoga, you will find that you can control your thoughts, emotions and the physical feelings that you sense. This means that you can focus on the sensations that you feel down there during sex and boost them up, making your pleasure double delicious, and your orgasm a lot more intense.

3. Yoga Can Boost Your Sexual Parts

boosting your sexual parts
Photo by you me / CC BY

The Mula Bandha yoga technique is said to be focused on boosting your sexual parts and their ability to have earth-shattering orgasms.

It is said to give you better and more intense orgasms.

Yoga is also about learning the technique of breathing, so that the air circulation in your body is at a relaxed and normal pace.

The Mula Bandha technique will have your genital muscles contract easily because of the normalized air circulation and you will learn how to control your muscles. It will give you the power to contract those muscles during sex and enhance the sensations you feel towards the attainable goal of a mind-blowing orgasm – for you both.

4. Yoga Can Give You More Stamina

intense yoga positions
Photo by Kennguru / CC BY

Yoga does not only improve your breathing or enhance your sexual parts.

Apparently, yoga also boosts your stamina. Here’s how. Yoga is a form of physical exercise, as well.

You get to do intense body positioning where you are required to draw strength for you to maintain that position.

This is why yoga is a lot like any of those strenuous exercises that require body movements, because even at a still position, you are exerting power and energy.

This would boost your stamina. The breathing exercises and the muscle workouts for you to do those intense yoga positions will enhance your stamina and make you upgrade your endurance on strenuous physical activities. Yes, including sex, which can get strenuous at times.

5. Yoga Can Make You Feel More Sensual

Photo by Sabine Mondestin / CC BY

Yoga will help you tune your body and mind. A well-tuned body and mind is helpful in developing more awareness to the sensations that you feel on your skin.

This means being able to enhance the pleasure that you feel during sex.

If you tune your mind with your body, the sensations from the physical exposure will heighten up and make it all the more pleasurable.

This would make you feel more sensual, because you have the ability to control the sensations that you feel.

6. Yoga Can Decrease Your Depression

DepressionThe ability of yoga to relax the mind can go as far as fighting away depression.

Depression and anxiety can affect you and your sex life in tragic ways, and it can even lead to losing your partner.

Yoga, because of its ability to free your mind from all the anxiety and trauma, will make you focus less on the personal issues, giving you more room for other activities like sex, for instance.

Depression decreases your sexual urges, too. Therefore yoga can help you counter the effects of anxiety and depression. With its other benefits, yoga can bring back those lost sexual urges again.

7. Yoga Will Make You Feel More Confident

nakedIt is no secret that yoga can make your body more toned and fit. If you have a fit body, you will feel more confident living in your skin.

You can practically walk around your room naked, even with your partner there, and can see you in all your toned, naked glory. That’s what being toned does to you. You become confident and proud of your body.

If you are confident with your body, you are also confident to show it to your partner and have sex in broad daylight for him to appreciate your curves.

Men like looking at their partner during sex. That means the more confident you are to show your body, the more sex you will get. This builds a strong bond for your relationship.

8. Yoga Will Improve Your Strength When It Comes To Sex

Photo by Matthew Romack / CC BY

Yoga is a form of exercise that works for those who can’t do the more strenuous physical exercises.

Using yoga allows you to develop your muscles and make your body strong.

As the muscles develop, so does your strength and energy in doing intense workouts and other strenuous activities. That can be used to your advantage when it comes to sex.

Having extra strength during sex can give you more room for adventure. Leave it to your imagination on how you can use your extra energy. The point is, the stronger you are, the more physical activities you can enjoy and they can benefit your sex life greatly. Everyone knows how pain can inhibit sexual pleasure. Imagine being stronger and experiencing less pain during the act of lovemaking.

9. Yoga Can Make You More Flexible

Photo by Kennguru / CC BY

The stretches and intense positions that you do when you practice yoga can stretch your muscles and joints, making them more flexible.

You know what that means, right? This is why a big fraction in the male population, when asked, would like to have a gymnast woman in their bed. The lengths that a flexible woman can go to are a sexual fantasy that most men have.

Put it this way: the more flexible you are, the more sex positions you can achieve – and enjoy.

10. Yoga Can Provide The Spark For Exciting, New Sex Positions

Of course, when you think about yoga, what comes to your mind are these awkward body positions that are said to make you more relaxed, physically fit and flexible.

awkward body positionIt can give you another thing, as well. That is giving you some ideas and the spark to go ahead and boldly try new sex positions, which can make your sex life more earth-shattering and orgasmic.

Doing yoga can make you more flexible, and therefore, more able to do these hard positions that you only get to see in porn films or read in books.

Now, you can finish a whole course of Kama Sutra and do it all over again, because all those positions will just be too easy.

You see how much your body can benefit from yoga? It does not only boost your strength and your focus. It apparently does not only sensitize your sensual zones, but it can potentially give you the best sex of your life. If that does not sell you with yoga, then maybe the idea of flexibility and more adventurous, daring and bordering ridiculous sex positions will do it.

So what are you waiting for? This is like hitting a lot of birds with one stone. If you need relaxation, do yoga. If you need to improve your muscle tension and core strength, do yoga. If you want to hype up your sex life and increase the amount of sex you’re giving and getting, the answer is simply, do yoga. Yoga benefits your entire body, as well as your overall health, too.