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10 Reasons She Left You Cold Beneath The Sheets

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Sex can be exciting and fun. There are times when you might get lost due to the thrill and come up with a slick sex move you think is pleasurable to your partner.

There will be times when it is going to work perfectly. But sometimes, there can be things that will make her push you away and leave you alone in the middle of sexual intercourse.

left behind by a girlIf you’ve experienced being left behind by a girl, cold beneath the sheets, it is possible that you have wondered about her reasons. The causes may vary, but most likely, you have done something wrong.

Men can be insensitive at times. Sometimes, they need to receive clear instructions first, or get slapped before they learn a lesson.

If you are still clueless about why she left, you could ask her; however, there are common reasons why women get turned off sexually by their men.

disappointmentOnce you know, you can address the problem, so that it doesn’t happen to you again. Some activities, attitudes and moves may not be compatible with your partner. Rather than pushing it, be aware of those things and just don’t do it the second time. Accepting your mistakes will save you from huge disappointment and further embarrassment.

It is important for men to admit if they are guilty of the common sex-stopping reasons listed, below:

1. You Stink Like A Skunk

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Most guys take a bath and groom themselves as preparation for whatever things may happen. If you go through their minds, you will find out that one of those things is the possibility of getting laid. Usually, male teens become vain or check themselves in the mirror to maintain their attractiveness.

Men with long time partners or who are used to having sex with different women may become lazy with their hygiene. They are likely to forget about how they smell or how they look.

If you stink before or during sexual intercourse, it is very possible for your girl to ask you to take a bath first.

If you insist on doing it while you are having that unpleasant aura wrapping your body in a stench, she will push you away, or in worst case scenarios, leave you alone for good.

deodorantHygiene plays an important role when it comes to a sexual activity. A woman may lose her sexual desire if you look and smell bad. Maintain healthy hygiene by taking a bath or shower every day. Don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth. For additional sexual appeal, have regular haircuts, maintain a healthy weight, and keep important tools with you, such as perfume, breath mints and deodorant.

2. You Kiss Like A Virgin

poor kisserIt is understandable for a virgin if they don’t know how to kiss. But for an adult in his late twenties or thirties who has had intercourse with several women many times, it is a bad thing to suck when it comes to kissing.

It only shows how boring and incompetent you are in bed. Women sometimes think that a poor kisser can’t do anything in bed.

Men may sometimes lack when it comes to passionate kissing. In some instances, they might overdo it. These are classified as poor kissing and your partner may be disappointed if they find out. Show some intimacy while kissing your partner. Be passionate about it and feel her response to it. Don’t go overboard with your tongue, though. Take it slow and gentle.

3. You Said Your Ex’s Name

mistakeIf we are going to rank everything up, this one mistake may land at the top spot. The explanation to this can be very simple.

If you can put yourself in her place, you would feel bad to find out that your partner is thinking about her ex while having an intercourse with you.

If that gives you a frustrating feeling that makes you want to hit someone, understand her feelings may give her the urge to walk out and leave you behind.

The solution to this is focus. Forget your past and have sex only if you are really into someone. This may be hard to do for some guys, but if you can’t afford to hurt or be hurt, learn to discipline yourself. Men who said their ex’s name during the intercourse are lucky to be alive today. And if you’ve recently broken up with someone, give yourself time to heal. Don’t rush into a relationship until you are over her.

4. You Gave Her Too Much Blah, Blah, Blah

Too Much Blah, Blah, BlahSaying dirty or sexually arousing things during sexual intercourse may be effective for men. But for some women, this can be a distraction.

A few moans and a few words can be good. Talking throughout the intercourse may be irritating for women and it can possibly send their sexual appetite running away screaming into the night.

If you don’t want to hear a “shut up” from your sexual partner, just watch your mouth. Preventing this problem can be very easy. For talkers while having sex, sorry but you have to work hard in toning it down. You are not having a sexual intercourse with yourself.

5. You Forced Her to Go Down On You

Go DownSome girls want to go down and do it. Some are not ready, while some feel disgusted and have sworn that they won’t do it in their lifetime.

If a girl is game when it comes to sucking a man’s thing, she will do it even without her head being pushed to it.

If you gave a hint that you want it done and she did not obey, it means she does not want it. This indicates that you have to forget it or else, you will end up having sex with yourself.

6. You Were Too Aggressive

AggressiveDon’t ever force a girl to have sex with you. It is okay to seduce, but it was never fine to push someone into a sexual intercourse. If you do, it can be counted as sexual abuse or worse yet, rape.

Always ask for consent or make use of your instinct to see whether she is ready to give herself to you. Never rush or threaten someone to have sex with you. It will always backfire.

7. You Acted Too Shy

Acted Too ShyVirgins are exceptions to this, even if some can act like a pro. Being aggressive can be a turn off, but being too shy to the point that you won’t touch anything guarantees a slamming of the door.

Show her that you want to have sex with her and that you are ready to give her the pleasure that she is looking for. Explore, try out some new things and be adventurous when it comes to having sex.

8. You Thought She Was into Sexual Sadism

something that is really scarySadism works well with masochist partners. It is true that are women who can resist the pain and take pleasure from it.

On the other hand, there are some who see and feel pain as something that is really scary. Before you initiate bondage sex, spanking and whipping, might as well check on her whether she likes it or not.

If she enjoys it, then proceed with pleasure. Otherwise, you will have to forget about it and come up with something else.

9. You Can’t Stop Your Selfish Ways

StopThis is why it is important to only do it with someone you love. If you ask her to go down low, are you ready if ever she asked you to do the same thing to her?  More scenarios require unselfishness.

For as long as your acts show signs of being self-centered when it comes to sex, be ready to get left behind by your partner. Great sexual intercourse involves a give-and-take system between partners.

10.  You Rushed Things Too Fast

RushingThis may relate to selfishness, or it could just be a really bad habit. Being not into the sexual intercourse may be seen as being not into your lady. Rushing without foreplay or the pumping oneself to reach ejaculation is an act of selfishness and is a big turn off. It would look like you are half-hearted while having sex. If a woman sees through it, she may think it is better for you to not have sex at all, since you are doing it half-assed or selfishly.

Give sex enough time for some warm, intimate moments with your partner. Focus and enjoy your time together.

Kiss, extend the foreplay, tease her a little bit and try multiple positions in one round to make her feel your sexual and loving sincerity.

motelIt is not good to look at having sex with your female partner as an obligation. It should not be seen as just something to pass the time, as well. Try your best to be considerate of your partner’s feelings to avoid getting dumped, or at least being left beneath the cold sheets of the motel room.