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The Three Most Common Sexual Complaints Women Have

Being intimate with our partners is one of the few special things in life. While men seem to enjoy it more because they seem to be almost always in the mood for sex, for women, it sometimes is just not the case. There are some days that women would not want to engage in sexual intercourse for several reasons, a lack of sexual drive or pain during intercourse.

Let us examine these three common complaints by women:

Lack of Desire

While he has been waiting for it all day, you just cannot seem to get into the scene. The lack of sexual drive is the most common among the three sexual complaints by women as well as their partners. Sometimes, this can lead to low self confidence of their partners making them ponder if they are still attractive of not anymore.

The lack of desire can be a result of being stressed, taking medications, taking birth control contraceptives, or simply having physical problems. On some aspect, the view on sex itself as it is influenced by religious and family views or some unpleasant sexual experiences can affect libido.

Decreased libido is something that cannot be treated overnight. It will take some time for a woman to recover or be able to increase her desire. Depending on the cause of the lack of desire, therapy can be very helpful in restoring the libido. Another great way of increasing sexual desire is by the use of female libido enhancement pills like Provesta.

Vaginal Dryness

Some people think that if you are normally aroused, natural lubrication follows. However, this is not the case. If the woman is not aroused, blood flow to the upper vagina, labia, and clitoris will not take place. This could mean that the vagina will not be lubricated enough for a more pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Vaginal dryness can also result from hormone deficiencies. When a woman goes into menopausal, much of the estrogen levels drop. This can result to the drying of the vaginal wall making sex difficult. Other causes of dryness can be due to taking medications such as antihistamine. It may dry your nose when you are in allergy but it can also dry the vagina as well.

It is a good advice to consult your doctor if you can use other medications other than antihistamines. Lubrication and hormone replacement therapy is what your doctor will probably recommend. Water-based lubricants such as the KY jelly would be great. Using oil-based lubricants is not advised. Female libido supplements like Provestra is an excellent way of naturally way of increasing vaginal lubrication naturally. Through constant use of these supplements, women can eliminate the dryness felt during intercourse.

Pain during Intercourse

Painful intercourse, otherwise known as dyspareunia is by far one of the most heard complaints by women. Sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and the last thing you should feel is pain.

While there could be many possible causes of dyspareunia, most of these are not that life threatening such as lack of lubrication. However, some can be caused by more serious problems such as cervical infections, womb disorders, endometriosis, cysts, or sometimes PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. In some cases, you may be pregnant but outside the womb, which can cause extreme pain during intercourse.

To be relieved from sexual pain during intercourse, ask your doctor to examine you further and to determine the exact problem. This will provide the doctor a better way on how she can help you with your specific problem. You may also talk to your partner about what you feel because this is the only way your partner might be able to help you ease the pain.

Finding Solutions

Getting that spark back into your sexual relationships is easy. For the many women suffering from a lack of desire to perform sex, simple methods such as female libido enhancement pills could do the trick. Provestra is a natural supplement designed to increase a woman's desire for sex. This female libido enhancement pill gives women increased sensations during sex, more intense orgasms, better lubrication, lasting power and is guaranteed safe without side effects.

A feeling of dryness during intercourse is the most complain among women. Provestra's formula naturally increases vaginal lubrication, making every moment a more enjoyable one. It also helps to balance hormone levels giving you a healthy functioning female reproductive system.

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