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Provestra Natural Blend
Provestra contains Ginseng, an aphrodisiac that can help with menopause.
Provestra contains Ginko biloba, which can improve sexual function and memory.
Provestra contains Red Raspberry to balance estrogen and strengthen reproductive system.
Provestra contains Licorice Root which reduces breast tenderness and bloating.
Provestra contains Ginger Root, an aphrodisiac that makes erogenous zones more sensitive.
Provestra contains Indole-3-Carbinol which naturally balances excess estrogen.
Provestra contains Damiana Leaf which improves vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and increases clitoral sensitivity.
Provestra contains Black Cohosh Root which treats menopause symptoms and increases orgasm intensity.
Provestra contains vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, and more...
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The Hidden Truth about Female Sexuality

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, more women suffer from sexual dysfunction than men. In fact, a whopping 43 percent of women report dealing with sexual dysfunction (compared to 31 percent of men).

Yet we aren't talking about it. While ads for Viagra and Cialis are ubiquitous these days - appearing even in coveted Super Bowl ad spots - we hear almost nothing about female sexual dysfunction.

The social constructs that govern this are obvious. A few years ago, we didn't talk about erectile dysfunction, either. Now, it's dinner-table discussion material. We are so used to the topic of a man's sexual needs that we don't blink an eye when it comes up during prime time television, which we're watching with our kids, our boyfriends or husbands, our mothers.

We are pretty comfortable with the idea that a man needs sex. We're not uncomfortable with the word "penis."

Ah, but the mysteries of female sexuality... Perhaps it's because so many men seem perplexed by what makes women tick. Perhaps it's because women are less comfortable with their own anatomy than with the concept of male sexuality.

Does the word "vagina" make you blush? Maybe, but most likely "penis" doesn't.

Vagina vagina vagina

Ladies literally entrenched in our society!

A fulfilling sex life is of the utmost importance for any human being - man or woman. It doesn't matter how busy you are... how tired you are... how many kids you might have... how you might feel about the way you look. The fact is, a better sex life can help you lead a more balanced, well-rounded, enjoyable existence.

And in reality, there are products on the market designed to rival the likes of Cialis and Viagra. We just don't hear about them.

In fact, a special report on ABC News documented network broadcasters' resistance to running ads for female sexuality products. Yet they happily run ads for similar products for men!

Breaking the code of silence

It doesn't need to be a secret anymore: Women need sex too. More important, women need to feel the desire for sex.

Remember the days when you felt young, flirtatious, and sexy? When sex was a special treat instead of a chore?

Human sexuality is meant to be enjoyed. If you're doing it for your husband, for your marriage, or not at all, take a look at the reasons why.

Then consider how nice it would be to want sex again.

Get back your desire for sex. Intensify the experience. Love sex again, and love what it does for your relationship - and, most importantly, for you.

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