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13 Life Changing Sex Toys for the Ladies

Sex toys should be a necessity for every woman, not only to the single gals, but also for those with partners who are a little more adventurous. Influenced by either the media – yes, porn – or the burning need to discover other pleasure points in the sex organs have caused sex toys boomed in […]

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12 Things Your Vagina Doesn’t Want You to Do

Sometimes you think that your vajayjay is all good and happy. Sometimes you take it for granted because you know it’s not going anywhere. Sometimes you do things to it that you think are safe and acceptable that are actually not. Sometimes it gives up. Please follow and like us:

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12 Steps to Superb Sex After Menopause

We all know that aging is inevitable. This means whatever you do and no matter how many times you subject yourself to anti-aging treatments, you will still hit that 4-0 mark and beyond, experiencing the wrath of old age. That includes the dreaded menopause phase, too. Please follow and like us:

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11 Peculiar Period Products of the Past and Present

Not all women have the privilege to wear the comforts of a sanitary menstrual pad or a tampon. Either by choice or by no choice at all, some women have to endure not only the discomfort of their monthly periods, they also have to go through some really uncomfortable procedures to keep their flow in […]

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10 Keys to Unlock the Female Orgasm

Admit it. You faked orgasm once upon a time and your man had no idea you were faking it. According to a 2014 article published in Time magazine, up to 80 percent of women fake orgasm. There are varieties of reasons why you and the rest of the female population do this, including: Please follow […]

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