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Provestra Natural Blend
Provestra contains Ginseng, an aphrodisiac that can help with menopause.
Provestra contains Ginko biloba, which can improve sexual function and memory.
Provestra contains Red Raspberry to balance estrogen and strengthen reproductive system.
Provestra contains Licorice Root which reduces breast tenderness and bloating.
Provestra contains Ginger Root, an aphrodisiac that makes erogenous zones more sensitive.
Provestra contains Indole-3-Carbinol which naturally balances excess estrogen.
Provestra contains Damiana Leaf which improves vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and increases clitoral sensitivity.
Provestra contains Black Cohosh Root which treats menopause symptoms and increases orgasm intensity.
Provestra contains vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, and more...
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We're proud of Provestra™ and believe it will put regular and very enjoyable sex back in your life. If it does, let us know!

Sex is so important to happiness and quality of life. And yet, estimates suggest that 43% of women are unsatisfied in the bedroom. If Provestra™ has changed your life after at least three months of use, write us a hand-written testimonial, of the progress you've seen since you first used Provestra™. Tell us, and if we use your testimonial, we'll show you our gratitude.

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How does Provestra™ work?

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I seem to have lost all desire for sex -- will Provestra™ help me?

I've never been very sensitive in my genital area?  Will Provestra™ improve this?

I've never had an orgasm before.  Will Provestra™ help?

I suffer from vaginal dryness.  Will Provestra™ improve my lubrication?

I find sex really uncomfortable. Can Provestra™ change this?

I'm menopausal... Isn't it too late to reclaim my sex drive?

What are the ingredients?

Are there any side effects?

Is Provestra™ safe if I'm trying to get pregnant?

How can I be sure Provestra™ is safe?

Is Provestra™ for women expensive?

Do you ship discreetly?

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